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Supporting Toronto families since 1996.

“Lisa has the gift to make new moms feel like they can do it.” Kathy

“When there was way too much advice on whether to swaddle, co-sleep or use a soother, Lisa helped me tune into my inner wisdom and decide what was right for me and my baby. When I didn’t even know what I needed or what would help make the day feel a little easier, Lisa found ten ways to help me breath a little deeper when she left. Lisa is the best gift to any woman in the postpartum period. Her presence feels like a warm cup of tea, glows like a candle and nurtures your soul like only very few people can. Lisa’s support is magical.” Leslie

Lisa lovingly cares for each one of her clients, and is like a breath of fresh air walking through the door. Her positive energy and encouraging words stay with you each and every step of the way.”  Sarah

“Lisa was so wonderful and helped us through a very difficult time while trying to learn to breastfeed our first son.”  Kat

“She showed me how to bathe my baby, helped tremendously with breastfeeding support (I would not have been able to breastfeed without her help). And most importantly showed me how I could live my life with a baby without feeling completely lost.”  Jen

“After six weeks I had my 1st meltdown and someone recommended Lisa. I couldn't have found someone better! When we 1st met she asked what I needed help with and how could she support me. Being a 1st time mom I was very unsure of what I was doing and getting lots of outside advise. I was confused and Lisa was there to listen to me complain and help me figure out what was best for me, my husband, and our baby boy.”  Michelle

“Lisa was always caring and supportive.”  Brenda



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